Rel 395 (AAS 395, ENGL 395-10/11, WGSS 395-10/11) Black Queer Saints: Sex, Gender, Race, Class, and the Quest for Liberation

This interdisciplinary seminar (drawing on fiction, biography, critical theory, film, essays, and memoirs) will explore how certain African American artists, activists, and religionists have resisted, represented, and reinterpreted sex, sexuality, and gender norms in the context of capitalist, white supremacist, male supremacist, and heteronormative cultures. Participants will examine the visions and lives of an exemplary cast, including but not limited to, Harriet Tubman, Langston Hughes, Alain Locke, James Baldwin, Bayard Rustin, Peter Gomes, Alice Walker, and bell hooks.  (HU)


Prof. Terrance Wiley

Course Level: