Connell Lecture Series

10th Connell Lecture, 04/14/2016

Molly Worthen, University of North Carolina "Inside the Mind of the Christian Right: A Deep History of the Culture Wars"

9th Connell Lecture, 04/15/2015

Harry S. Stout, Yale University "Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield, John Locke and the Rhetoric of Sensation"

8th Connell Lecture, 4/3/2014

James K. A. Smith, Calvin College - "The Secular is Haunted"

7th Connell Lecture, 4/3/2013

Tanya Luhrmann, Stanford University-Anthropology - "Hearing God: How American Evangelicals Come to Experience God as Speaking Back"

6th Connell Lecture, 4/10/2012

Stanley Hauerwas, Duke Divinity & School of Law - "America's God"

5th Connell Lecture, 3/31/2011

George Marsden, History Professor from ND - "How Otherwordly Fundamentalism Became a Political Power"

4th Connell Lecture, 3/31/2010

Philip Jenkins, Penn State University - "The New Global Christianity: How Should We Rethink Theology"

3rd Connell Lecture, 3/24/2009

John E. Hare, Noah Porter Prof. of Philosophy, Yale - "Can We be Good Without God"

2nd Connell Lecture, 10/16/2008

Randall Balmer, Barnard College at Columbia U. - "The Religious Right in American Politics"