100 level

Rel 198 (AAS 198, WGSS 198, GS 198) Identity Wars and the Battle for Authenticity (4)

As identities proliferate, so does the battle for recognition, power and authority. From race, religion, citizenship, sexuality, law, class, gender, etc., – societies around the world engage in an endless struggle over and for authenticity, access, control, and influence in competing spheres of significance (i.e., popular culture, academic discourse, virtual reality).

Rel 197 Religion, Law and the Constitution (4)

An examination of the relationship of religion to American law and the United States Constitution.  Course will focus on Supreme Court decisions involving the “establishment” and “free exercise” clauses of the First Amendment. Attention will also be given to the intellectual, historical, religious and theological background behind the American experiment in “church-state” separation, including the thought of Roger Williams, the Founders (Washington, Jefferson, Madison), and contemporary analysts (e.g., M. Nussbaum). (HU)

Rel 196 (AAS 196,HIST 196) Religion and the Black Freedom Struggle (4)

Participants will examine key events, figures, religious dimensions, philosophies, tactics, and consequences of the African American freedom struggle. The period from 1949-1965 will receive special attention, but the roots of the struggle and the effect on recent American history will also be considered. Studying primary and secondary source documents, film, fiction, and music will facilitate understanding of perhaps the most effective mass protest movement in modern America. Emphasis will be placed on the centrality of religion for the social ethics of key participants. (HU)


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