Rel 90 (Bios 90) Bioethics in the News (4)

Advances in biological science give rise to ethical issues: genetic research; medicine; reproductive technology; contraception; access to health care; the list is endless. In this class we will challenge ourselves by picking a different issue in the news every week. Students will present possible news articles, the class will vote, and we will discuss our favorites at the next class. We will have to be fast on our feet, and each week will be a surprise, but we will have fun and learn a lot. There will be two short papers but the grade will depend heavily on class participation.

Enrollment into this 4-credit experience will see the student attend lectures three times per week with the Bios 10 course, Biology in the 21st Century (3-cr) and also participate in a once-per-week 1 credit sidebar seminar that focuses on the topic area noted in the title above. Grading is based on work completed in the Bios 10 experience as well as the 1-credit sidebar.







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