Professor Dena Davis appeared on Radio Times (WHYY)

Professor Dena Davis appeared on Radio Times (WHYY), talking about ethical issues in research about biomarkers for Alzheimer's Disease. Here's the link: The ethics around testing for Alzheimer’s
Dena Davis, Laura Olson (Political Science) and Matt Melone (CBE) will be sharing facts and opinions about the recent Hobby Lobby case, on September 23.
Dena Davis was recently named to the Central IRB of the National Cancer Institute, for Phase I studies in humans of possible new cancer drugs.  The IRB's mandate is to oversee the ethical aspects of medical research with human subjects.
What should doctors do when faced with laws that force them to practice bad medicine? Examples are the Florida law that forbids pediatricians to ask families about guns in the home, or laws that require physicians to give women misinformation about links between abortion and depression.  Dena Davis and Rick Kodish of the Cleveland Clinic are publishing their essay on this problem in the Nov/Dec 2014 issue of the Hastings Center Report.  They think physicians should commit civil disobedience rather than lie to patients.