** CANCELLED ** Rel 198 (AAS 198, WGSS 198) Identity Wars and the Battle for Authenticity (4)

As identities proliferate, re-imagine, and retool themselves - so does the ongoing battle for recognition, power and authority in an increasing globalized culture. From conflicts about race, religion, citizenship, sexuality, the law, class, gender and so on - much of society seems engaged in an endless struggle over and for authenticity, access, control, and influence in competing spheres of significance (i.e., popular culture, academic discourse, virtual reality, fashion, politics, etc.). From Miley Cyrus’s twerking to Duck Dynasty’s homophobia to a decline in religion and rise of no religion to the genetic search for ancestry and home among others - this course considers what is at stake in ensuing culture wars and what strategies are employed constructing and maintaining claims and positions applying various intellectual projects across disciplines to popular cultural source material - students will arrive at a greater understanding of how identity and culture is constructed and functions, what’s at stake in varying intellectual approaches and how identities interact with other identities through spaces such as media and technology.  A variety of academic approaches and popular sources will be examined and engaged.




Monica Miller



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